Area 51 is the section of Theta Fleet set aside for our Independent Fleet Operations (all sims that don’t fit into the canon Star Trek universe of Task Force 23 or our sim year of 2393).  Here you’ll find Abrams Trek, a Dominion War-era Marine sim, and an STO sim.  We also dabble in the world of Stargate and Harry Potter .

You could say this is our “experimental” area for things that aren’t canon or aren’t Star Trek but are fun to play with.

This area allows for a more diversified simming experience.  If you like a challenge, check out our sims!

            Red Dragon Inn

                    TGCO: Owner of the Inn: Mowgli Starshine

You walk through a door that wasn't there the first time you passed this place and find... a medieval looking bar, you look back and see still the place from whence you came. You look back to the bar and feel it, the strangely welcoming atmosphere. Before you can stop yourself, you find yourself inside and the door closing behind you. Welcome to the Red Dragon Inn, the bar that exists at the nexus of everywhere and everywhen. Where a startship captain can talk to a pirate of the Caribbean while being served by a goblin bartender.

            75th Starfleet Marine Corps

                    CO: Colonel Katy Williams

This starfleet marine simulation is ran very closely to the real world U.S. Marine Corps. All the ranks and positions will reflect this but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you submit your application. First thing to realize is that we are just as much a non-combat sim as we are a combat one. When we deploy, it’s your game face as there is no R&R or things like that, when we are back in the rear at our homebase on earth, Starfleet Marine Corps Base Triton in California, we have lives, families and daily responsibilities such as hours of rifle training or hand-to-hand combat that is very common place in a marine unit.

            Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

                    CO: Headmaster Rosalie Lundrago

Hogwarts, a secret school for witches and wizards, continues to teach children the ways of magic.  Set 21 eyars after the Battle of Hogwarts, the wizarding community is mostly at peace.  But nothing lasts forever and there are still pure bloods who despise muggle-born and those who lean towards the dark arts. 

            Shards of Palaris

                    CO: President Sean Nadeau

The first, interactive, political suspense, action fueled drama based off the amazing universe that is Star Trek. Here, you can live a simple life as a federation employee, or tackle the audacious task of running the most powerful government of its time, the United Federation of Planets.

            Stargate: Faleu

                    CO: General William “Max” Merrick

Welcome to Faleu a long forgotten planet on the far side of the Fenris Galaxy. Are you looking for a chance to Walk through the gate? Study ancient technology? Work on a BC-304? Well we have it all here on Faleu, we encourage players to do what they dreamed of while watching their favorite Stargate Episodes.

            The Phantom

                    CO: Captain Gabriel “Angel” Calaway

In the Delta Triangle, survivors of various ships and shuttles still struggle for a new hope. Forming various groups to stay together and fight to get out of the Triangle and back to the lives they left behind. A small group discover the Phantom and board her, in the hopes of getting her back online and go home. Banning together they get aboard and bring the ship up online, unaware of the mysteries the ghost ship has hidden.