Area 51 is the section of Theta Fleet set aside for our Independent Fleet Operations (all sims that don’t fit into the canon Star Trek universe of Task Force 23 or our sim year of 2393).  Here you’ll find Abrams Trek, a Dominion War-era Marine sim, and an STO sim.  We also dabble in the world of Stargate and Harry Potter .

You could say this is our “experimental” area for things that aren’t canon or aren’t Star Trek but are fun to play with.

This area allows for a more diversified simming experience.  If you like a challenge, check out our sims!

            U.S.S. Redemption

                    TGCO: Captain Azura Ashcart

The year is now 2391 and the Federation is sitting on a knife-edge. A civil war is looming between those loyal to newly elected Federation President, Elesa Zal, and those rogue elements operating in the shadows to topple the Federation Council as we know it. The “Sixth Fleet” has defected from Starfleet and now operates under an independent banner of hostility and destruction; the “Confederacy of the Underdark” seeks independence for the planet of Andor, willing to achieve this aim by any means necessary; and the “Kaal Taan” are a Bajoran terrorist organisation intent on reversing the recent admission of Bajor into the Federation.

Elsewhere in the galaxy the Romulan home world has been devastated by a new race of beings known only as the “Ee”. Romulan Praetor Sahrin has forged an uneasy alliance with his counterparts in the Alpha Quadrant, beginning a new era of cooperation between the Romulan people and the Federation.

            Starbase 80

                    TGCO: Commodore Kathleen O’Shea

Starbase 80 is home to the Frontier Sector's Federation Response Force. The Federation Response Force (FRF) is a high readiness and technologically advanced force comprising engineering, ground, air, space, and special forces units capable of being deployed quickly on operations wherever needed. The Starfleet Corps of Engineers plays a major roll in these operations, taking on tasks ranging from repairing critical infrastructure destroyed or disrupted by both man-made and natural incidents, to major starship repairs at the Docks.

            U.S.S. Arthur

                    CO: Captain Arlus Kesra Shoosh

The Excalibur-Class Starship is named after Arthur Pendragon, legendary King and his knights of the round table.

The ship is about to embark on new adventures that promise to be challengine and unique.

The sim is rated 18+.

            U.S.S. Falchion

                    CO: Commander Vasilep Sunamet

Recent history has not been kind to the Federation or Starfleet. The prosperous circumstances of the 2360s disappeared during the decades that followed. The Federation's resources were sunk into preparations for war with the Borg, the coming of the Dominion War, the rebuilding of Cardassia, and recently, relief efforts in Romulan space. All the while discontent was building within the Federation. The Cardassian Union collapsed after the Dominion War, the Dominion was destroyed, the Romulan Empire fragmented after the destruction of its central world, and the Klingon Empire has become increasingly hostile.

It is in these uncertain circumstances that our story takes place. The crew of the USS Falchion will choose how to face challenges posed by our search for the unknown, threats from outside the Federation, and unrest within the Federation's borders. Each problem is different, and the solutions are yours to find. Join us today and become a part of a team working to preserve the Federation in difficult times.

            U.S.S. Tokyo

                    CO: Captain Taiga

The USS Tokyo is the fourth vessel of the class and is currently commanded by Commander Taiga Aisaka, a young officer with a lot of potential. The Tokyo's main mission is to patrol the Federation's Neutral Zones, shipping lanes and eliminate any threats to protect the security of the Federation. From managing civilian traffic to engaging potential invasion forces the Armitage classes are built to defend the security of the Federation and this is the Tokyo's main mission.

            U.S.S. Victorious

                    CO: Captain Amara Damion

The year is 2392, though the Dominion war ended nearly two decades ago, and exploration is a priority, dark tides are rising once again. As the balance of power shifts and tensions rise, Starfleet faces it toughest task yet.

As a Vikrant class carrier Victorious is Starfleet’s first and last line of defense. It's not always easy. We choose to defend those who cannot protect themselves.

Who will have the strength and courage to survive? Are you ready for the adventure of a life time?