Area 51 is the section of Theta Fleet set aside for our Independent Fleet Operations (all sims that don’t fit into the canon Star Trek universe of Task Force 23 or our sim year of 2393).  Here you’ll find Abrams Trek, a Dominion War-era Marine sim, and an STO sim.  We also dabble in the world of Stargate and Harry Potter .

You could say this is our “experimental” area for things that aren’t canon or aren’t Star Trek but are fun to play with.

This area allows for a more diversified simming experience.  If you like a challenge, check out our sims!



                    TGCO: Captain

In the years following the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet began stepping down from a military footing and began to revert back to the Exploratory role that was it's mainstay for the better part of two centuries. Vast areas of space once inaccessible to the Federation came open and ships were sent out into the far reaches of space to explore.

Enter the Wolff. Designed originally as a long range explorer intended to operate for extended periods in the Gamma Quadrant, her class was shelved during the war in favor of more combat oriented designs. The end of the war brought a renewed urgency for explorer designs, and with an updated design, ships of her class began coming out of the shipyards in greater numbers.

            S. S. Boreas

                    CO: Captain Keer Avin

The SS Boreas is a civilian Merchant ship, she roams the stars and planets in search of profit. It take a strong stock to 'work for a living' and the reputation is the best calling card in the Star Quadrant.

Federation ships can be a blessing or a curse, the Boreas has a more 'broad view' of 'the larger picture' in the universe. Some call us Mercenaries, other Privateers and a majority 'Go To People' or worst.

We are 'Not' assassins; too risky for the profit, or Soldiers for Hire as they get killed off easily, we are legitimate merchants out to make a buck; sometimes even honest ones, and the Space Lanes are our home.

            U.S.S. Ascendant

                    CO: Admiral Natasha Kensington

In the wake of near complete annihilation, the universe's superpowers stood united on one front against one common enemy. All past conflicts and transgressions forgiven, where power and greed no longer was the driving force, where the only thing that mattered....was survival.

A formidable force stands on the doorstep of earth led by a ruthless, faceless enemy known only as the Evincar threatening the existence of anyone whom refuses to submit to them. Humans, Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Bajorans and members from countless other species stand firmly opposed, ready to protect what their ancestors fought so hard to create.

And then, out of the destruction comes hope. Captain Natasha Kensington, a stalwart commander loyal to the Federation emerges with a crew from all walks of life, with a simple mission.

            U.S.S. Falcon

                    TFCO: Commodore Hans Shiloh

The Romulans are no longer as big a threat as they once were; the most calculating advisories in the Known space did not take into account the destruction of their home world. Now with the loss a vacuum has emerged in the balance of power. In the years since the fall things have become unstable in the constant shifting of power; the Ferengi have been living the Rules of Acquisition by selling to the highest bidder among those in the power struggle, the Klingons see an opportunity to expand their empire into the now vacated Romulan Empire satellite colonies by negotiation or conquest.

While the Federation seeks to help out where they can it is a constantly changing stage with those who wish to rebuild or restructure for a more powerful Romulan Empire. It is a time of Warlords and would be conquerors; the Interests of the Federation need to be monitored.

            U.S.S. Galileo

                    CO: Commodore Lirha Saalm

These are the voyages of the starship Galileo. Her mission, to explore strange, new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations.

To study spacial rifts, wormholes, and time fluxes. To develop and test the latest cutting-edge technologies.

To observe and catalog new life forms...even though they might be slimy and look kind of disgusting....

To boldly go where no research vessel has gone before!

            U.S.S. Odyssey

                    CO: Captain Jesse Tyree

      A lot has happened in the last few years with the explosion of praxis and the subsequent peace conference at Camp Kitomer that lead to the freshly signed Kitomer Accords we have a tentative peace with the Klingons. The USS Odyssey may be called upon from time to time to engage in peacekeeping efforts on behalf of the federation and Klingon Empire.